Camp Agape Kauai

Camp Agape first started in 2005 on Oahu when Pastor Roy was given a vision to start a camp and share God’s love with children whose parents are in prison.  “Agape” Love is always the theme at the camp, as volunteers and junior mentors strive to demonstrate the love of Christ to the camp attendees and break the cycle of incarceration. Camp Agape Kauai is an annual, four-day event filled with an intentional series of activities and events that facilitate sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, trust, forgiveness and hope.


What Happens at Camp Agape

Every activity is intended to give a mentor a chance to talk to an angel (what we like to call our campers) about the love of God, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate that love. Our mentors and leaders are trained to understand the process of camp and trust in God’s timing to open up the angel’s hearts.

Camp Agape Kauai includes activities that children would expect to see at a typical youth camp, such as ziplining, archery, beach time, games, making crafts, participating in skits and one-on-one mentoring.

Why Camp Agape?

Currently, in the United States there are more than 800,000 incarcerated parents that have more than 1,800,000 children who are minors. In Hawaii, the child of an incarcerated parent is 80 percent more likely to be incarcerated as well. These statistics continue to increase and the role of Camp Agape Kauai is to reach out to these children and their parents to see the whole family transformed by God’s unconditional love.


What Happens After Camp Agape?

The camp is just the beginning to a transformed life in Christ. As our resources grow, we will be able to provide more activities and events throughout the year that keep the kids connected with their mentors, who love and encourage them to be responsible adults. We also partner with other agencies and organizations that match our angels with mentors to encourage them and build friendships with them.

How Can You Make a Difference?

As we prepare for this year’s Camp Agape Kauai, please partner with us. We cannot do this alone, so we ask for your help by financially partnering with us. Camp Agape Kauai is free for every attendee. Every child receives all the materials and supplies he or she needs during the course of the camp including a backpack, sleeping bag, flashlight, toiletries, and new t-shirts for each day of camp. The materials are for the campers to keep and take home.